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Feminists Censoring Feminist Art

One of the things that really bothers me is the great divide between feminists. There are after all liberal feminists and conservative feminists, moderates, pro-choice, pro-topless, anti-porn, pro-porn, whatever.

So what happens frequently is that even feminists don't get along with each other and don't understand or appreciate the viewpoint of the feminist next to them.

Lets take an issue like nudity in art for example.

One feminist could use nudity to make a profound statement about the history of art and how there are a lot of nudes in art galleries, and most of them are women (see the Guerrilla Girls poster to the right).

But another feminist (who gets upset easily at the sight of nudity and anything remotely sexual) will make a fuss about it and try to have it censored, afraid that children won't understand it properly or their little minds will get warped somehow.

Totally besides the point that children don't seem to care. (See the painting to the right: Changing Times by Charles Moffat.)

It all comes down to difference of opinion, but with one fatal difference. When its written or spoken people have Freedom of Speech. When it is an image suddenly its an issue of obscenity.

If I say the words breast and penis there's no fuss, but if I painted a she-male with breasts and a penis suddenly there would be a controversy.

It really just illustrates that we have one set of standards for words and another set for images, and for artists I think that is extremely unfair.

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